Well I had a good weekend. Don’t mention my Colts prediction. We aren’t going to talk about that.

The Cowboys and Eagles both had decent chances to pull it off and neither of them did it. I thought the Rams would steamroll the Cowboys, so credit to them for showing up and finding new ways to get screwed. The Rams came in with a gameplan and did the Rams thing they usually do. They Rammed it. Just Rammed it. Ram it, baby. Ram it. Happy for Chubs J Anderson for his excellent performance after spending all year looking for a team.

The Eagles game was even better, probably the game of the week. Large Dicholas Nicholas came out swinging low and put up 14 points on a shocked Saints. But the Saints are a team capable of taking a punch and winning ugly, which is what they went and did. They made the adjustments and the Nick Foles miracle drive ended when Alshon “I have the best hands in the league” Jeffrey took a butter bath before the play and BAM, game ending interception. I like to think Alshon cried on the ground because he knew that little boast of his was about to result in some glorious roasting on twitter. AS IT SHOULD.

It comes as mild comfort to us Skins and Giants fans but at least we got to see our rivals eat it. And now we have better draft picks then they do.

Of course, as usual over the past two decades, the AFC side of things sucked. The Chargers came in with the exact wrong gameplan against the coach that is basically known for his ability to plan better than any other coach. “Oh hey, that thing that worked against the Ravens? Let’s just do the exact same thing after giving the Patriots our gamefilm to a QB and Coach who are experts at picking apart zone defenses”

The Chiefs/Colts game was a little better, but it was still a beatdown that was over early. The Chiefs defense showed up for possibly the first time all year, just like everyone predicted. Mahomes did cool Mahomes things. Let’s pray he keeps it up against the Pats next week.

My Super Bowl prediction: Pats-Saints. I would prefer anyone but the Pats for the final game but let’s be real that’s not happening because the world is cruel bullshit.