So one of the dumber, smaller stories to hit the news this week was Cam Newton having an interaction with a shit-talker at a mini-tourmanent he was coaching. It was basically just a dumb high school jackass trying to get some social media clout by attempting to get a rise out of Newton, calling him bad, soon to be poor, the works. It did not get the expected response as Cam did the one thing the kid couldn’t properly prepare for: engage from the high road in a way that makes the kid look exactly as immature as he was being.  I’ll give Cam some credit, he handled the situation pretty damn well.

This is one of those things that I think Cam probably deals with a lot. He’s never shied away from attention so he’s probably pretty used to getting it used against him like this kid was trying to do. Thing is I can’t even necessarily blame the kid. People like him try and do get social media clout for stupid stunts like this because if you can get the celebrity to crack just a bit, you win. The kid, despite getting his ass handed to him by Cam Newton asking to see his father, still kind of came out of this ahead. He got public attention. He got direct attention from Cam. Nobody else on the field that day did a public apology or got public personal time with the guy. Everyone will forget him by the time this comic is posted. He took a shot, and got attention. It didn’t go as well as he would hope, but now his name is out there and his face on Newton’s indecipherable Instagram post. He can spin the Newton thing as a “learning experience” in the future if he manages to get attention down the road. The kid kinda won, even though he lost. Is it kinda messed up that this is how it all works? Yeah, but maybe that’s better discussed elseware.

It was certainly something to say Cam was about to be poor though. Cam ain’t poor and he ain’t gonna be poor anytime soon. He’s got endorsements on top of his probable incoming NFL contract, backup or otherwise. Dude made serious bank and was the MVP, he’s set for life if he plays his cards right, and he seems smart enough to do that. We know Cam knows how to be thrifty and live off other people’s computers if he needs to.

In other news I wonder where that kid from the play60 commercial is now.