If Dwayne Haskins did anything right, it was prove that the Giants took the second best QB in that draft.

I wanted Haskins at the time. A lot of people wanted Haskins at the time. A lot of people mocked the Giants towards Haskins at the time. I didn’t even know who Daniel Jones was when the draft started that year thanks to not doing the draft cards pre-emptively, which usually gets me a bit of background on who and what to expect. I was just parroting popular opinions. I don’t follow college ball closely enough to ever be a good draft expert or player evaluator. Then again, considering how often actual draft experts and player evaluators get it wrong, maybe I’m still qualified. Point is, when we picked Jones, I thought it was stupid for a multitude of reasons. Haskins being available was one of them. He has done a great service in proving me, and a lot of other people, wrong about that.

In retrospect the signs of bust were always there. He held a draft party and charged people to go there. While not a dealbreaker on its own, it is hard to not look at that with a bit of a side-eye towards ego. He notoriously laughed with surprise when the Giants picked Jones, which now reminds me of Josh Rosen’s “9 teams made a mistake” comment. While he threw an insane amount of touchdowns at Ohio State, he did so with only one year starting. There is also a meme of Ohio State QBs being untrustworthy in the NFL, as none of the “star” QBs in the 21st century have panned out. Haskins didn’t get the start immediately over Case Keenum, which we can’t really be surprised about. TEAM was in turmoil last season with Jay Gruden officially in fuck it mode as everything spiraled. When he did get a start against the Giants, he looked terrible. His first touchdown went to a Giant, if I remember right.

Since then he’s been a quiet mess. He was terrible when he played. He had the dreaded “bad attitude” where he didn’t seem to care and showed bad body language. He ran to take a selfie with fans during his first win, missing the final snap of the game to do so. I thought he got too much hate for that and assumed he simply didn’t realize the game wasn’t over yet but looking back after more stories like it came out…it makes sense. He supposedly bragged about his statline in the locker room after a bad loss to the Ravens. His line wasn’t even that great. When he was benched for Kyle Allen, I just assumed Rivera was a dumbass who had a weird attachment to the QB who helped get him fired from Carolina. Recent weeks have really shown that no, Haskins has been the dumbass all along. He broke Covid protocol, twice, and the most recent one garnered enough bad attention after even more bad play that the TEAM finally let the dude walk. As of writing he was not claimed by anyone on waivers.

Not the biggest bust in history but quietly a massive flameout so far. Not many QBs are so bad they get released before the end of their second year after being drafted so high. Shades of Johnny Manziel. Rosen also has this distinction but I’d argue Rosen was also fucked by unique circumstances in addition to sucking. Haskins may be one of those people who has never faced a genuine setback like this in his life and maybe it’ll get him to give a shit and realize what he’s messing up. Some team will pick him up at minimum for a practice squad. Maybe he will Jamarcus Russell it and just never develop a mature attitude. Time will tell.

Last post of 2020! See you for cartoon picks week 17 in 2021! There will not be a new years post, I am taking the holiday for myself.