Well if you are a Denver sports fan but you care only about the Rockies and no other Denver team, you had a bad weekend. Hell, they even split the weekend, with one win and one loss to San Diego. So really, not even they pulled their weight. They are also below 500 so they aren’t even having a good early season.

Two game 7’s, two tough losses. The Avalanche’s storybook season came to a close against the Sharks. The Nuggets storybook season ran into the Trail Blazers storybook season and fell apart. Bummer. Both teams should be proud of what they accomplished, so in the long run this is a season the fans should be happy to have seen, but still a crappy way for it to end. The Nuggets in particular should be proud. They didn’t even make the playoffs last year but this year Big Ugly Joker played super ball and they have a bright future.

Still though, as a Trail Blazers fan, lol.