Like a lot of other people, I’m beginning to wonder if JPP should only play football. He seems safest then.

So JPP got in a single car wreck on May 2nd. According to TMZ he ran into a concrete barrier in a very expensive car. In the process he broke some vertebrae in his neck and is likely going to miss at least a good portion of the season. Apparently JPP chose to not have surgery to fix his head stand, which seems very dumb to me. It’s your neck. You need your neck. It’s not like a leg. You can do without a leg.

I mean, sure, you might not be able to play as well with a fused neck, but like…you probably shouldn’t play football after a neck injury anyway. Especially at defensive end. I did read that several doctors believed the neck will heal on it’s own without surgery, so maybe it wasn’t too bad and he’ll be fine. But man I’d be terrified to hit anyone after recovering from a broken neck. I have no idea why Ryan Shazier wants to go back to football after his injury, football is what caused that. JPP’s best days are probably behind him at this point even though he still had a pretty decent season. He got paid. Maybe he should take it easy for the season. Don’t play. Heal up as much as he can. Then eke out the rest of his deal and maybe another past that.

Or just straight up start on week 1 because he clearly shouldn’t be anywhere but a football field.

Also is 10 bucks cheap for fireworks? I’ve never bought fireworks. I do not find fireworks very interesting. Fireworks are extremely overrated. They are too loud and the amusement is very short lived.