I’ve gone on record stating how much I still adore Beckham’s famous grab. Even through all the noise, the arguing, the hype, and the haters, I still think it’s pretty much one of the greatest feats of athleticism I’ve ever seen, and if anything, all the discussion it caused was ultimately somewhat of a detriment to its legacy, because as quickly as it became a phenomenon, it also became the most annoying topic in the world.

I am so tired of every one-handed grab being compared to it. I am so tired of Cris Collinsworth saying his name every single time a dude makes a good catch. I am so tired of the haters who just want to discredit the catch in some way because they are also tired of it. I’m tired of people constantly bringing up other great catches that aren’t as talked about just to be spiteful. Michael Strahan famously got his single-season sack record at the expense of a Brett Favre dive and it has haunted discussion of that ever since. I agree with Strahan’s thoughts on the matter. If you don’t like it, beat it. I am very eager for something to replace the Beckham grab as the “greatest catch ever made”. Maybe we finally got it on Sunday.

On 4th and 18, with the wackiest game of the year on the line against the mighty Buffalo Bills, Kirk Cousins heaved a ball that looked to be, at best, broken up. Probably picked off. Instead, Justin Jefferson, splayed out sideways, got his hand behind the ball and managed to keep enough tension on it to secure it off the ground as he and the defender collapsed. Honestly the grab itself isn’t the most impressive part, it was how he managed to keep it from touching the ground that really impresses me. It reminds me of the Helmet Catch in that the sheer amount of pressure and force needed to keep that ball from touching the ground because if it does, the refs are going to take it away. I don’t know if it is a more athletic grab than Beckham’s impossible fingertip stretch. What I do know is it easily surpasses Beckham’s in terms of context. That catch saved the game for the Vikings.

I don’t know if we will still be talking about this catch years from now the way we currently use Beckham’s as this cultural touchstone. Part of the curse of having a cultural moment like that is that the next one has to be something really new to break the ceiling. I hope we do though, because it deserves it, and I am so tired hearing about the Beckham catch. I want to take the Beckham catch and put it in a nice little box that I can bust out once in a while years from now with nostalgic fondness instead of being bludgeoned over the head with every time someone snags a one-hander.

It’s amazing that the catch was just part of a series of game-defining moments. There were about 10 different moments in that game that would have been classic game-defining moments. The youtube recap is 20 minutes long and worth the whole watch. Diggs had his own Beckham-esque grab in the second half. Jefferson almost caught the game-winning TD too, only to be called down on the half yard line. The Vikings appear to choke when Dalvin Cook drops the obvious TD to win it on 4th down, only to be given life by a penalty. The Bills then cement the win by stuffing Cousins! THEN THE FUMBLE. I still can’t believe the fumble. I thought Allen just didn’t make it out of the endzone and it was a safety to keep the game alive, but then they signaled touchdown. What on earth. I’ve never seen anything like that. Then the Bills go all the way in 37 seconds to force overtime, keeping this nonsense alive! The Bills get away with a drop that isn’t reviewed on the drive. The Vikings manage to reach the 3 yard line, get stuffed, the Bills have life, and finally, Patrick Peterson seals the deal with a pick on Allen in the endzone. Incredible. Instant classic. Likely the best game of the season. Football can be so good.