Obviously the timing of this didn’t work out, but I had it sitting in my folder half-complete for two weeks now and just wasn’t able to finish it before I started dying of the flu. The Texans more or less officially took control of the division this past weekend by beating the Titans and making their route to the playoffs very very difficult, but for a while there things were getting very interesting.

Goddamn Ryan Tannehill basically taking my shots at him and going out just to prove me wrong. This is all because I killed him. And also because I mocked his fans. Ryan Tannehill knows who I am and hates me, personally. Curse him. You had your damn chance, Ryan. You made me doubt you after years of irrelevance. Don’t expect me to love you now just because you can. You ass. I hate you.

But seriously good for him. He got out of the mess that was Miami and is finally finding some of that elusive success. He’s done well enough during his starts to justify the Titans at the very least franchising him. The Titans may have found their QB for the future, and fuck me, it’s Ryan Tannehill. Happy for the guy.

This leaves the far more interesting question of what happens to Mariota? The Titans can’t keep him at this point. Marcus has proven he can start, but things were clearly not going well by the end and I think a change of scenery is needed for both parties. The Titans are likely to franchise or extend Ryan and let Mariota walk. So where does he go? Let’s take a look at teams with QB question marks. I don’t see Mariota getting picked up as a starter, but maybe he could pull his own version of a Tannehill somewhere.

-Bears: Trubes has been mildly better as of late, but the Bears could probably use a solid backup plan even if they decide to stick by him for another season.
-Steelers: Ben’s future is up in the air, Duck is fine but nothing special, and Mason Rudolph is complete ass. Probably not a likely landing spot, but possible.
-Colts: Biscuits seems like he’s worth trying out, but a veteran presence might be welcome as competition
-Broncos: Lock appears to be a potential candidate for the future now, but this is another case where a solid backup for competition might be fitting. Also Elway can’t resist his urges.
-Chargers: Rivers has not been himself this season and LA is closer to Hawaii, Mariota’s home. I could see this one happening.
-Bengals: Well I mean someone has to play QB, but it’ll probably be whoever they draft at #1. Solid backup option though.
-Bucs: What if they ditch Jameis? This would be a comedy option
-Panthers: I don’t see them moving on from Cam for worse Cam but we don’t know what David Tepper wants yet
-Dolphins: Fitz isn’t the long-term answer and who knows what the fuck is up with Rosen
-Anywhere that needs a solid backup really fits here. Most teams could benefit from Mariota as a backup, and smart coaches could find a way to put him into the offense as a weird wildcat type option, sort of like how the 49ers used Kaep before Smith went down.

Anyway this is my mandatory once per year “HEY! THE TITANS!” Comic. If anything, it’s fun seeing Tannehill and Derrick Henry have fun. I’m eager to see where Mariota goes, if only because I will finally find out if all those local Oregon Ducks fans who bandwagoned the Titans when Mariota got drafted are going to stay as Titans fans or switch teams, or even stop following pro ball all-together.