Was going to post this last week since it was mostly done then but it seemed a bit iffy to post so directly after our country’s latest shootings in a history of gun-related garbage. I want to go ahead and apologize in the off-chance a couple of these panels bothered anyone on that front.

Jalen Ramsey, despite keeping fairly mum on the QB trash talking this time, isn’t done being a drama bomb quite yet. He showed up to Jaguars camp this season in an armored truck with bags of money, insinuating that he desires to join the ranks of the money elite out on the moon. This absurdly stupid stunt definitely did not get appreciated enough and I wish I had come up with this idea sooner.

He does know Tom Coughlin is not going to enjoy this, right? I can picture Coughlin getting the news on his local paper and freaking out. I feel like Coughlin has interns who print out news onto fake newspapers to put on Tom Coughlin’s desk every morning because Tom Coughlin doesn’t believe in reading the internet for news. Newspapers seem like a very Tom Coughlin thing. He likely picked up his Daily Jag-off Tribune, sipped his coffee, then spat it out when he saw the headline Ramsey had made. I imagine him jumping up and shaking his fist yelling “RAMMMMMMMSEY” and then huffing and puffing down the hall to yell at him some more.

I hope Ramsey does get paid and continues to pull off dumb stunts like this. I want him to take the same armored car to every home game and get escorted into the building by actual guards. The Jaguars were a dismal tire fire last year and the league was worse for it. A happy, egotistical Jalen Ramsey makes the NFL more fun. Pay the man. Antics are great and every team needs a showman. At least for a few years until they trade him to the Browns.

I’d honestly be okay if the Browns go all-in on the complete diva team. Baker. OBJ. Antonio Brown. Ramsey. Vontaze Burfict. Richie Incognito. Wait a minute maybe I’m just describing the current Raiders, shit.