I wish big news would stop breaking when I was halfway through a comic. Now when I make a comic about the NFL lying about the Rice video on Saturday expect a big news break about Josh Gordon being reinstated or something stupid.

Anyway, last year the NFC East was a pit of despair, and if week 1 is anything to go by, things haven’t changed at all. The Cowboys defense is terrible and the entire team hinges on Romo being healthy and normal Romo, which on Sunday he was not. The Redskins got a offense minded head coach and scored less points than any other team. RG3 looks lost and timid, and it certainly feels like the 2012 RG3 will never return. The Giants? Well they look like they might be the worst of the lot. Eli looks uncomfortable and lost in the new system, the WRs do as well, the O-line is a revolving door (AGAIN) and the defense, which was supposed to be alright, especially the revamped secondary, looked like chumps against Megatron. Yeah, Megatron does that, but we should have played better D than that. The Eagles were expected to run away with the division, yet Mathis tore his knee apart and the offense looked like crap until a couple of key Jag defenders (Poz and Cyprien) went down. Eagles are still the favorites, but we all look like dumpster fires in waiting.¬†Gonna be another year of the NFC Least.

For those who need a comic about Goodell, here is one of the quick n dirty ones I post to my social media accounts (I post lots of stuff there that doesn’t make it here, YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ME IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY HINT HINT SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION LINKS TO THE RIGHT)