It was honestly heartwarming seeing Cam back in action in a Panthers uniform, trucking dudes on his way into the endzone. How could you not love that sight? Well, unless you were a Cardinals fan who figured this would be an easy win week and then had to watch in horror as one of the bad teams stomped you into oblivion. Chaos is the best thing ever.

Cam belongs in a Panthers jersey. He looked like he was cosplaying a Patriots player in a Pats uniform last year. He needs to be in that black or white with light blue stripes and silver helmets. He deserved a chance to play out his last days in Carolina instead of the messy divorce caused by Tepper wanting to stick his finger on the product and switching everything up. I’m glad he’s back. I hope he stays healthy. I have my doubts he will, but I hope he does. Cam rules.

This also highlights that the Panthers have basically no plan and no identity or idea of what they are doing. They decided to blow it up two years ago, and that wasn’t the worst idea. The team was struggling, Cam was constantly hurt and unreliable, Ron Rivera had kind of gone downhill and the team just wasn’t trending up. A change made some sense. Matt Rhule was the hottest coaching candidate at the time and Tepper threw everything at him to get him to come in. Gave him all the control in the world. Okay. It might take a little while, but it seems like there was a long-term plan. They dumped Cam (sad but in the spirit of the full rebuild at least understandable) and grabbed Teddy Bridgewater. Odd choice, but hey, no good prospect to draft, Teddy was okay for the Saints, clearly a stopgap solution…fine. A few caution flags, but fine.

Things didn’t go well but that’s the price of a rebuilding year. Then they go out before the draft and trade for…Sam Darnold? Justin Fields or Mac Jones would have been available to them, but I guess Sam was worth a try? Seems weird to spend a $63 million dollar 3-year contract on a stopgap like Teddy and then let him walk so you can trade 3 picks for…another stopgap QB who is even worse. They are paying Sam 18 million. They could have drafted Fields or Jones. Hey Darnold has a couple of decent games to start the season and everyone freaks out because our expectations are rock bottom for the guy, then reality sets in and it turns out Sam Darnold is as advertised. A pile of steaming shit. The Panthers panic and go back to the very guy who never should have left. They also give Houston Roughnecks legend PJ Walker the start and let Cam have a few plays.

So what the hell is the Panthers plan? Is it to build around CMC? That’s a stupid idea, dude can’t stay healthy and not even the Titans were stupid enough to base their entire operation on Derrick Henry, my muse and hero (<3 you Derrick). What is the Panthers long-term plan here? Matt Rhule went from genius hire to already on the hot seat and the team is walking back moves in week 10. Now they seem to be pinning their hopes on an old, possibly healthy Cam Newton.

Whatever this mess of a franchise does with the rest of the season, I hope we get lots of Cam being Cam to ease the pain.