After the disgrace of a gentleman’s sweep that was the NBA finals at least hockey managed to deliver. The Panthers went up 3-0, the Oilers fought back to force game 7, and then game 7 was a brutal fight that had the Florida Panthers come out on top after playing great defense at the right time. Canada once again came close to finally taking their trophy back to the motherland and choked when it mattered.

I just find it funny that in the 30 years since a Canadian team actually won the top honor in the NHL, the state of Florida has won the cup 4 times with two separate teams. Florida. Maybe the least ice-friendly state? Well, the desert-based Vegas Golden Knights have also won it, and the Los Angeles-based Kings have won it twice. Even Carolina and Texas got in on the action once apiece. Canada can’t even beat cities and states where ice shouldn’t exist.

And so we wait to see which franchise will finally do it.