Well that was a hell of a week.

Rodgers strikes me as the type of person who says they hate drama and try to keep it out of their life and everyone else can see right through it. The ones who claim to avoid and hate drama are the ones who always seem wrapped up in it. Rodgers is a troll and he loves riling up the media and then playing dumb. About a week ago he made a cryptic Instagram post that was basically a long list of people he was saying thank you to. It was vague, but Rodgers knew exactly how people would discuss it because it sounded like potential retirement talk if you went in looking for that. I didn’t, but I’ve got terminally online brain worms so I saw it as him being Rodgers and stirring up trouble. He’s been having fun like this for several years now, teasing everyone and causing media drama to manipulate his way into getting what he wants. It’s almost inspiring to see a guy so clearly intelligent enough to do this but also do a cleanse where he ingests ghee and vomits and shits. Then again, going by his record, maybe he’s a fully lost Berkeley naturopath and medical treatment is his blind spot.

The Packers got their guy back and he’s signed on for probably the rest of his career until he pulls this shit again next year. It was massive news on Tuesday morning, and everyone immediately turned to laugh at the Broncos, who appeared to be heavily courting Rodgers. That laughter lasted for roughly an hour or so until the bomb dropped. Seattle traded Russ to Denver for a buttload of picks. Denver goes win now and Seattle goes full rebuild, also releasing Bobby Wagner a short time later. Seattle is in a new era.

My gut reaction is Denver won that trade. They gave up a lot for Wilson but they really felt like a QB away from being a playoff competitor. Wilson has some question marks these days but it’s hard to deny he’s still capable of being himself. Seattle may have gotten a lot on paper, but they have to turn that draft capital into good players for it to work. Pete and Co really haven’t earned the benefit of that doubt yet. They almost lucked into Russ the first time, now they have a QB problem and a bad roster. Do they go for Watson? They probably wont play for Garoppolo. There’s no good choice in the draft. Seattle might be entering a dark age.

In other trade news, the AFCW is in an arms race with the Chargers going after Khalil Mack. The AFCW now features Russ, Mahomes, Herbert, and Carr. I think Carr deserves more credit as a player but lol he’s still the worst of that bunch. Good luck, Raiders. The Colts also pawned Carson Wentz on the Commanders (god I hate that name the more I hear it) but I think that will deserve its own comic next week. I saw someone compare Wentz to a pyramid scheme and wow, what an apt comparison.

Anyway, anything to avoid talking about Rodgers some more. He’s probably seething about it. Fills me with ghee.