Aaron Rodgers has a history of photobombing, as he did just this past weekend during the Oscars. I was happy to see Rodgers photobomb again, because Rodgers is really good at it and it’s always hilarious. I was kind of bummed when more people started to notice his antics because as soon as ESPN/other major sports news networks found out about it they inevitably asked him about it and completely killed the joke the rest of us cool people had been enjoying for years. Until this past weekend I hadn’t seen a good Rodgers photobomb in years. I still wish when he was asked about it he played dumb like “what are you talking about” and then continued to do it, but maybe he was already annoyed his little joke was now a thing. Or maybe he has been doing it since that moment when he was found out but I just haven’t noticed. This whole thing of course was before he sold out with the discount double check, which was sort of another little Rodgers in-joke until his championship year when it became a thing, and then state farm came in and ruined that for years to come thanks to a fat guy with a cheesehead who is still managing to wring more life out of the gag. It’s kind of weird to think about, but those ads have been running and developing each year since 2011. It’s crazy.

Also A+ to State Farm’s marketing department for that one. As much as we all hate it, Discount Double Check is a thing we all understand now, isn’t it? Someone got promoted for that.

I sadly never touched on the whole photobombing thing due to it being BDP (Before Draw Play) but thanks to a message from a fan and the recent oscarbomb it brought back ideas because Rodgers photobombing stuff is funny.