Well all that drama ended up being for pretty much nothing, huh. RODGERS IS UNHAPPY IN GREEN BAY. RODGERS WANTS TO BE TRADED. RODGERS IS FURIOUS ABOUT JORDAN LOVE. RODGERS IS GOING TO DENVER. RODGERS WANTS MORE CONTROL. RODGERS IS GOING TO RETIRE. RODGERS IS GOING TO BE THE FULL-TIME HOST OF JEOPARDY. RODGERS…came to training camp and his only demand was a trade for his buddy Randall Cobb, a trade the Packers had zero qualms making.

Obviously it was a little more complex than that, the media is part of the story on this one, with outlets like PFT really pushing the angry Rodgers narrative and Rodgers himself playing coy because he hates the media. The chances Rodgers actually left were always going to be pretty low. But man, would it have been fun.

As a fan of chaos, I am furious. What a waste of good drama.