I went to a party with some of my friends this past weekend. My wife asked me how it went as she wasn’t able to go. I said I had a great time. She asked me for the tea on folks. She always gives me the tea with her friends after she hangs out. It’s always juicy and fun. It also sounds exhausting to go hang out with a friend and discuss relationship drama and feelings for hours. When she asked me what I talked about, I had to sit back for a second, and realized that I spent most of the party talking with two other guy friends just remembering cool dudes in Elden Ring (These were not my sports fan friends). I had a great time. Remembering dudes is a certified Grade-A Dude pastime. If you hang out with friends and don’t spent at least 20% of that time remembering dudes in some capacity, you need new friends. This is why sports is such a great bonding interest for so many people: it makes dude remembering a pivotal part of the experience.

Anyone who makes a comment must include, in that comment, a dude that you remember, and a specific thing you remember about that dude. I went with mid-2000’s wide receivers for the comic strip, but feel free to branch out. I remember TJ Houshmandzadeh. We used to call him TJ Who’s Your Momma. He was the cool guy who played next to Chad Johnson/Ochocinco on those fun Bengals teams. I wonder if he ever went to the strip clubs with Pacman Jones. Damn, remember Pacman Jones? What a mess that guy was.