I feel bad for everyone currently employed by the Miami Dolphins. Okay maybe not Fitzpatrick. But everyone else.

Like, they have to pretend the tank isn’t happening because it’s bad form, but they are totally tanking. It’s not something any team really wants to do, but after a certain point you realize it is probably better for long term prospects to suck it up, gather picks, then go all in when #theprocess starts to work. So maybe in 2021 the Dolphins might be worth watching. But until that moment, it’s going to be pure misery. The 59 – 10 disaster yesterday is just the start.

I mean how must it feel to be on that team? To know you are essentially a bunch of placeholders that are there because the team isn’t trying and doesn’t consider you a winner? Knowing you’ll probably get cut at the end of the year when they find someone they actually like? How must Josh Rosen feel? The poor guy was rejected after one season in Arizona for the new hotness, and he gets sent to another team that is blatantly not even trying. If the Fins tank and draft a QB, where does that leave Rosen? The poor guy is going to go down as a bust without ever really getting a fair chance.

How must it feel to be coach Brian Flores? Dude finally climbs to the top and now he’s being set up to be the next Belichick coaching tree failure. Does he really expect to survive the rebuild? He now has to try and motivate a bunch of players who know they are seen as worthless fodder, wasting their time.

This is misery for all involved. Probably the only thing these guys can look forward to is getting paid. I doubt the games are going to be fun. I doubt the meetings and practice are fun. Watching the games won’t be fun, unless you root for the opposition that week.

Sorry Miami.