If you watched the Tom Coughlin “A Football Life” episode you might remember that he was unemployed for a season after he was fired by the Jaguars, but he still went to the NFL combine and scouted players. Tom Coughlin is without a job now and I wonder if he’s slowly going stir crazy. Despite appearances there seem to be some hints he didn’t take the firing well (still hard to say how true those stories might be) and he hasn’t been picked up by anyone yet. I expected someone to possibly give him a shot, or for him to end up in a front office somewhere like Bill Parcells with the Dolphins. Vice president of football operations or some bogus title like that. But so far, nothing. He’s an old man who seems to care more about football than anything else. It’s been his life’s work and now he’s basically an empty nester. I wonder how many retirees struggle with this. I don’t know, I’m still young and sexy.

Maybe he should take up painting. Or yelling at children to get off his lawn. Or yelling at children to run the right routes. No, come on you stupid kid, you gotta turn your hips and attack the ball. Is that a tattoo? What would your mother think? Don’t drink and drive you dumb kids. I picture Tom Coughlin in a retirement community trying to coach other old people into being professional shuffleboard players. Fred has a stroke and shows up late to a meeting and Coughlin cuts him. Wendy drops the shuffleboard pole and she’s benched for the season. They get all the way to the neighborhood championship and beat that rascal Roland’s team from Pine View Heights retirement center. The next season they suck.

Basically take my old Sean Payton comics and replace Payton with Tom Coughlin, but older and fartier.