Oh Zach Mettenberger. I know you weren’t good, but I liked you. You were goofy looking and fun. I don’t know why the Titans cut you, to be honest. Mariota might be the future but they need a backup and you know the system and know the players. (Does quick google search) Oh shit, that’s what happened to Matt Cassel? When the hell did that happen? yeah okay Cassel sucks but he’s better than you, Mett. Sorry.

At the same time, keep him on as a third stringer? He’s a good third stringer. Maybe he sensed his lack of opportunity and demanded to be released hoping that another team might pick him up. Maybe he’ll be a Cowboy and help tank the Boys when Romo inevitably dies. It’s just a shame. I liked Mett because he was a reason for me to make Titans comics, something I find myself with few excuses for. But really, Mett is only actually known for one thing, and that is taking a selfie which JJ Watt responded to in such a way that people started to dislike JJ Watt. So if Mett can walk away with anything to hold onto, it’s that he helped a lot of people get annoyed at JJ Watt. That’s it. Treasure that, Mett. Treasure it. Before you spent 30 seconds taking a goofy selfie to celebrate being named a starter (something absolutely no one should be judged for), everyone loved JJ Watt. Then he was a poop about it and acted self righteous about a perfectly acceptable selfie and everyone immediately got sick of his all-american goodness. Except Texans fans, but that’s to be expected. I’ve seen a few arguments stating that Watt was being jokey about it, but I don’t buy that argument at all thanks to his later follow up tweet about “A wolf not concerning himself with the opinions of the¬†sheep”, which is the most egotistical self important douchey bro statement someone can make.

Watt is still cool but his reaction to the selfie really hurt his image to a lot of people.

I guess this blog post became about JJ Watt, but considering Zach Mettenberger’s biggest moment is really about Watt, it makes some sense.