I wanted to make a comic about OBJ going into “trash his ex” mode about the Giants in the media lately, and then I remembered that Landon Collins has also been rather spicy about David Gettleman to the media recently too. So I was thinking about how to incorporate both of them into a comic, when I then remembered that there is an even more extensive history of former players who were cut or shipped off by Gettleman who now seem to publicly hate the guy. Namely Josh Norman and Steve Smith.

What’s interesting to me is that Gettleman clearly seems to hate big personalities, and he must be callous as hell when dealing with players. One way in which I’ll give the guy credit is he clearly has no trouble making difficult decisions and making moves he deems he has to make. He’s cold and calculating. Jerry Reese, our former GM, was pretty bad at being strong and decisive. Ereck Flowers was a terrible bust from the start, but Reese and McAdoo let the guy hang around kinda hoping he’d just improve. Last year, under Shurmur and Gettleman, Flowers was immediately shuffled around in an attempt to get it working and then promptly jettisoned. That kind of immediate decision making was never something I saw under Reese, and until it became obvious that David Gettleman might be senile and a moron, I was genuinely impressed. Gettleman might be a huge moron who is tanking the future with dumb moves, but I’ll give him credit for having the gumption to do it his way.

I also find it interesting how the personalities that he’s jettisoned line up. Steve Smith was clearly butthurt about how the Panthers didn’t seem to value him and his place on the team. I don’t think getting rid of Smith was a bad move. We praise Belichick for how heartless he is, treating players like currency, but it works. Smith was an over-the-hill diva who would take up too much salary cap. It was a tough move but it was probably the right one. Steve Smith is also a huge asshole. Josh Norman is also an asshole who, while good, wasn’t quite top tier good outside the one season, and the Panthers had more important signings to make. Letting him walk was a tough, but I think it may have been okay.

Landon Collins I’ve spoken about before and the more he talks the happier I am Gettleman let the guy walk. He just recently cracked a joke about how he’d level Gettleman on the sidelines if he got a chance. Classy. He got all “come on guys, it was obviously a joke” when the media ran with that quote, but frankly “jokes” like that don’t happen without starting from a place of honest resentment. There’s fire under that smoke. The more he yaps and bashes the Giants, the more I wonder if he was actually an asshole all along. Most of us fans praised him as a big locker room leader when he was calling out Eli Apple as a cancer but looking back now, maybe Collins was a douche all along. Lots of talk for a guy who had one good season and can’t cover for shit. “thehumble21” is very humble.

OBJ is the odd one out here. OBJ is a huge diva and loves attention, but unlike the other 3 he was worth the drama. Gettleman recognized it too, that’s why he paid the man last year when he was still (stupidly) under the impression the Giants were still close to actually competing. OBJ is kinda right in how he kept the team afloat during these past few seasons, he won several games by himself. He’s worth the headache on a team that can compete. I guess Gettleman decided he wasn’t worth it for a team in need of a major rebuild. Would have been nice to have a stud WR to help Daniel Jones (Jesus Christ fucking Daniel Jones) develop. But, like I said on Monday, it’s genuinely kinda nice to no longer have to jump through hoops to defend his diva bullshit.

Can’t wait to watch them all laugh at the Giants when we flop around like Magikarps this season.

Also OBJ cut his hair and I hate it