So close. I was about an hour from completion when my computer blue screened on me as I was saving the file. I lost the comic. The file got corrupted, and no methods I tried could save the beast, and I was without a backup. So 7 hours of work down the drain and we have to end Cutler week on a sad note.

Since the file is gone, the comic was Jay Cutler as “Illinois Jay” acting out the opening sequence to Raiders of the lost ark, trying to get the lombardi trophy only he steps on a pressure plate, gets hit in the knee with a dart, then says “screw it, rodgers can have it”

Try to imagine the glory while I take this stupid POS computer to the shop. This is not the first time it’s gone bonkers on me recently, and it’s beyond my mild technical skill to fix at this point. Pretty sure it’s my RAM that’s doing it. Hopefully I’ll be back up and running in time for next week’s Tuesday comic, but if not, the draw play is on temporary unwanted break. My shoulder could use a rest anyway.

If anybody knows of a way to restore a corrupted psd file, let me know. I tried 2 different programs, tried renaming the temp files, tried opening in other programs, didn’t have a previous version to restore, nothing worked.