Eli Manning and the Giants need to learn they can play good football before the 4th quarter hits.

Last year Manning set an NFL record for 4th quarter touchdowns in one season (15)  and made a name for himself performing 4th quarter comeback victories about 8 times, also leading the league. I was hoping this was done, because while they are glorious finishes, it really, really, really gives you heart attacks. Well, on Sunday, he did it again. Eli threw 3 stupid interceptions (2 were blatantly his fault) in the first half. The Giants were down 27-13 at the half and 27-19 at the start of the 4th. Then Eli unleashed the dragon. An 80 yard bomb TD to Cruz, a 20 yard TD pass to Bennett, and leading the charge for a 2 yd TD run by Brown. Manning set new career highs in yardage (510) and Cruz/Nicks each had over 150+ yards receiving. Eli already has 3 4th quarter TDs on the year. He’s on pace to break his own record.

I hear part of the reason why he ignites the fury in the 4th is that Gilbride spends the first half testing the other team. I’m not sure how true it is, but it seems like it’s based on some relative truth. It would certainly explain the weird explosion of teamwork at the end of games.

Whatever. Now I have 2 weeks in a row where the punchline is Manning.