To my older, more put together readers who don’t come in contact with the stranger parts of internet culture, Shipping is a term coined in the deep recesses of the internet. It essentially refers to fanfiction, usually romantic, where someone wants two characters to hook up. So like, Kirk and Picard getting hot and heavy. The internet is a weird place.

So Kraft and Goodell hugged it out and Kraft dropped his fight against the Patriots punishments. He will not attempt to regain the lost draft picks or the 1 million bucks. (Tom Brady’s appeal still goes on, unrelated, through the Players union, so his can still be reduced). Frankly he probably just realized this fight was getting bad and he had little chance of winning so he backed down to keep the peace. It was a little surprising considering the fight the Pats were putting up. Most teams when hit with accusations seem to pony up and admit things pretty fast, take the punishment and move on. The Pats were the only ones I’ve seen fight so vehemently as they did (Which might be due to the magnitude of the punishment, among other factors). But, whatever. Now some Pats fans think Kraft betrayed them or whatever and the tears just keep flowing. The scandal that keeps on giving.