The Jets lost Mekhi Becton for the year last week. He has an avulsion fracture on his right kneecap. I didn’t know what that means, so I looked it up. Basically, it’s when a piece of bone attached to a ligament breaks free of the larger bone. Hard to play football when part of your ligament is attached to what is now a detached piece of shrapnel. Becton is expected to be out for the year. This marks the second year in a row the Jets will be without their expected star lineman of the future, as he wrecked the same knee in early September of last season. Maybe I’m just scarred by PTSD from Greg Oden, but I always get really worried when big dudes, especially big dudes whose entire job is based around being big, have recurring knee issues. Mekhi Becton is 6’7 and 360 pounds. Not having a stable knee is…bad. Not just for his football career. For his life.

But that’s not all!

Zach Wilson, big game hunter, came into his first preseason game this year and threw an abysmal interception. Okay, it happens. Then he goes down on a non-contact injury on his problematic knee. Thankfully for the Jets the injury wasn’t as bad as first appeared and he will likely miss only a few games if any. But it still bodes poorly for the franchise because now he might not play that well if they rush him back too soon. Also Zach Wilson might just suck anyway. That’s still a huge possibility. In the wings they have the corpse of Joe Flacco, so there’s not much reason to hope. When Wilson died and we didn’t yet know the extent of his injury there was speculation he might also be out for the year.

The Jets have an uphill battle to even be relevant this season. The Division has the Bills, a super bowl caliber team, holding down the fort. The Dolphins, despite the nonsense, are still talented enough to threaten to make the playoffs. The Patriots technically made the playoffs last year despite not actually deciding to play the game. The Jets are probably in for another year of trash, occasionally being hopeful about young talent, and ending the year with a low top 10 pick and doubts creeping in that they’ve hired the right people again. It can’t be fun. Why do we decide to give our emotions to these organizations. Maybe it would be better to divorce all meaning from life and be free.