Wanna know a fun fact? Cris Collinsworth has now been somehow involved in all 3 Bengals super bowl losses.

His rookie year was 1981. In 1981 the Bengals went to the Super Bowl (XVI). They lost. In Collinsworth’s final season, the Bengals went to the Super Bowl (XXIII), and they lost. Then, 30 years later, the Bengals finally won some playoff games again and returned to the Super Bowl. LVI was broadcast on NBC. Cris Collinsworth got to call his former team in the Super Bowl. They lost. I wonder if he had PTSD. The only thing that could have made all of this funnier is if the 49ers had done it instead. We were one game away from that happening!

So is Cris Collinsworth a bad luck charm or a good luck charm? They’ve only made the Superbowl with him around, but they’ve also never won with him involved. I say the Bengals should hire Cris Collinsworth to work for the front office, and then if they make the Super Bowl, fire him immediately. Bury him in a pit in the ground with no way to watch the game or know the result until after the game has been played. If the Bengals win, then Collinsworth has been the secret all along.

Other random fun facts: the only teams to beat the Bengals in Super Bowls are from California and in the NFC west.