Super Bowl LVI is in the books and the Los Angeles Rams are champions. Some incredible drafting (Donald, Kupp) and the wild balls to the wall free agency and trade moves paid off and Sean McVay stands tall over his domain. All 500 Rams fans got the dream they’ve been waiting 6 years to witness. Congrats to them.

That was a pretty middle-of-the-road super bowl. It wasn’t a bad game by any stretch but I can’t say it was this thrilling masterpiece up there with the best of the last decade. The defense was mostly the star of the show but a few moments of offensive fun snuck through and the game stayed a one-score affair for pretty much the majority of the runtime. But it had some genuinely dull stretches where I simply zoned out only to realize it was half a quarter later and nothing had changed.

I think part of the problem was that the game basically went as expected. The Bengals offense got destroyed at the line of scrimmage and despite some valiant Joe heroics that made it competitive from Cincy it was simply too much for them to handle and they slogged down after that late first-half/early second-half scoring surge. I think what disappointed me most was the Rams offense. For the second super bowl in a row, McVay seemed to play weirdly cautious and afraid. The Bengals defense is better than they get credit for but it seemed like it took most of the game for them to get Kupp the ball and do…Rams things. Granted, Beckham tore his ACL early after scoring the first TD and the Rams couldn’t run the ball for shit, so they didn’t have the depth they normally do to really play around. Still, it felt like the Rams generally played not to lose the game, even while losing, until that final drive when Stafford finally started finding Kupp. But a single score in the 4th quarter doesn’t make for the most memorable of super bowls.

Also gotta give credit to the officials: they sucked! On the Bengals giant deep score to open the second half Jalen Ramsey got thrown to the ground by his facemask. No flag! Okay. Everyone hates Jalen Ramsey so it was funny but still, it was pretty blatant. They mostly kept their heads down and let the teams play football (good!) but then decided out of the blue that they wanted their time in the sun so out of nowhere a pretty weak holding call on Cooper Kupp suddenly gives the Rams a far better chance of winning on that final drive. A DPI call right after basically handed the Rams the game. The league is not rigged (until we see actual evidence otherwise) but I can’t blame any furious Bengals fan after the refs went full ref right when they shouldn’t go full ref. Felt like a good representation of the season. We can’t have good football without a little ref piss in it. As the NFL continues to partner with sport betting apps this…might come home to roost very badly the next time a call severely impacts a game.

The image that I’m probably going to remember most about this game is Aaron Donald flinging Burrow to the ground on that 4th down as Chase ran free towards the endzone. The Bengals got so close, but that lack of O-line finally, truly came back to bite them at the worst possible moment. Getting to a Super Bowl is hard. Winning one is harder. There is no guarantee that the Bengals will even get to return. But if they can fix that o-line and some holes on defense, this team should be able to compete for the next several years.

I’m very sad for the Cincinnati fans. They waited a long time for this. The Los Angeles Rams are not nearly as beloved by the city and it probably won’t change much even with the win. But the Rams team itself was incredibly full of people I am thrilled to see take home the trophy. Stafford the most. Toiling away in Detroit, keeping a garbage organization on the cusp of relevance for a decade, he finally got a chance to make his dream happen and he did it. Thrilled for the guy.

I’m happy for Aaron Donald, who honestly seems like he might be an asshole, but he’s maybe the best defensive tackle ever and players like that should have at least one ring on their resume.
I’m happy for Eric Weddle, who retired for one final shot at glory and got it.
I’m so happy for Andrew Whitworth, who has been around for so long and finally got his chance on top of being the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the year.
I’m happy for Cooper Kupp, the greatest white slot receiver Bill Belichick never got to coach.
I’m happy for Von Miller, who got to do his thing again instead of wasting away on a rebuilding Denver squad in his twilight.
I’m happy for Jalen Ramsey, even though he’s kind of a ponce and got his ass kicked in that game
I’m happy for Van Jefferson, who won the championship and then witnessed the birth of his kid an hour later.
I’m happy for Johnny Hekker, who is an awesome punter, an unappreciated position
I’m bittersweet for Robert Woods, who had to watch from the sidelines most of the year
and I’m honestly very happy for OBJ. Winning certainly facilitates redemption arcs but he genuinely seemed to be a major reason why the Rams made it, and I’m happy he got to enjoy the taste of a touchdown catch in the Super Bowl before his special night was ripped from him in a way no player should have to endure. Ride all the boats you want this summer, my man.

A final fuck you to all the crypto ads, and the commercials in general. They get worse every year and crypto can eat my ass. Halftime show was pretty damn good though.

With this season concluded, here are my favorite game bets from the year. It was a pretty great year, honestly, and I was proud of many of them.


Which ones were your favorites?