Hooo boy, lotta fights happened this weekend, huh? The 49ers and Cardinals had a big kerfluffle when CJ BedBathAndBethard took a hit when sliding, which resulted in 3 ejections.  Then Jameis Winston, bastion of quality, poked a Saints player in the back of his head, causing a shove retaliation, causing Mike Evans to jump attack the Saints guy and throw a punch, getting himself suspended (but somehow not ejected). Of course, all fights were overshadowed by AJ Green double chokeslamming Jalen Ramsey while punching him. Now that’s a fight.

Anyone else get severe “Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan” flashbacks with this one? Both felt very much the same. Smaller CB known for talking trash and being a dick finally gets the big cool giant who never gets mad to violently snap and kick his ass and then both get ejected. Jalen Ramsey is quite good and also seems like a dick trash talker, but AJ Green is usually such a big calm presence who nobody would ever expect to lose his cool. Suddenly Green is chokeslamming Ramsey to the ground and throwing punches and a boring game is interesting for a moment.

Seriously there were too many boring blowouts this weekend. Blowouts are fun when your team does the blowout, but from a neutral or other side standpoint it’s garbage football to watch. I was laughing for the first half as the Rams decimated the Giants, after that I was just bored, the game was decided already.

Side note: why would you punch someone wearing a football helmet? What sort of damage could you do that wouldn’t just be to your own hand? Of course, I’m a big softie who has basically zero temper whatsoever and has never felt an urge to genuinely punch anyone so I can’t say I’ll ever understand the mentality of a pro athlete in a violent sport who probably has to channel massive amounts of aggression on a daily basis.

I’m surprised AJ Green (as of this writing) hasn’t been suspended while Mike Evans has. Both basically did the same thing. Both were remorseful and apologetic. Evans wasn’t ejected but this doesn’t feel like a make-up punishment. Both should probably get one game off.

I leave you with a task. That final zinger in the comic Ramsey uses could really be replaced with anything. Let’s do a madlibs on AJ Green snapping. Replace the final taunt with any joke of your choice! You momma so dumb that…..