Buffalo has to be kicking themselves for not winning the Super Bowl during the past three years because their division is suddenly heating up hardcore making everything worse. The Jets seem to be headed into Aaron Rodgers territory, and that arguably solves their biggest problem (at least for a short time). The team is pretty good otherwise. The Patriots aren’t actually bad either, more mediocre, but they are solid enough to make every team fight, and now have a competent offensive coordinator again. But the real team that is nipping at their heels in the AFC East is the Miami Dolphins, who appear to be going for it and might genuinely be entering a championship window next season. If things go well, of course. Offseason champions notoriously overpromise.

The Fish acquired Jalen Ramsey from the Rams firesale this weekend to bolster the defense. Ramsey is close to the wrong side of 30, but he’s enough of a persistent asshole that he probably has a couple years left in the tank before he hits the Cornerback Cliffdive. Looking at this roster, with Hill, Waddle, Chubb, Gesicki, Eric Fisher, lots of young bright talent and solid veterans. It all kind of hinges on one thing: Tua. Is Tua gonna be okay? I’m worried about him.

Tua suffered 3 concussions in the span of a few months last year and it took him several weeks to be cleared from protocol after the last one. His play over the course of the season went from lightning sharp like we saw at Alabama to erratic and questionable late season. He looked like one of the best QB’s in the league when he was at his best last year and if he can make that leap official, it adds just another terrifying young QB to the AFC lineup of death. I’m genuinely rooting for him, but they need to coach him on how to get sacked this off-season.

One of the greatest overlooked skills a QB can have is the ability to take a sack, and it is a dying art in the era of scramblers. Tua isn’t even a scrambler, so he needs to learn how to take a sack. Yeah, it’s cool to see a guy being hit throw darts on the way down, but is it worth a concussion? Tom Brady didn’t last as long as he did by doing that shit, Tom Brady crumpled like tissue paper anytime someone touched him, and he played till 45. Learn how to take a sack. You lose some yards, but not brain cells. These days taking the sack even has the added multiplier bonus of probably getting flagged for roughing. Learn to fall down right, Tua.