So The Dolphins and the Texans more or less ended up swapping runningbacks. Lamar Miller is now the Texans presumed workhorse and Arian Foster is on the Dolphins. The Texans won that deal. If you listened to the latest podcast (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE DOING) this comic shouldn’t be a big surprise. You heard this joke appear in my brain in real time.

I love Arian Foster as a person but as this comic might indicate I don’t have much opinion of him as a player anymore. If he even plays football anymore. Foster feels like he’s vanished from the face of football in the past year. He’s faced some injury problems and last year he tore his Achilles tendon, which is a bad injury and tough to get back from perfectly. He’s had back problems as well. He hasn’t been as hurt as I first suspected when thinking the comic up: a quick bit of research shows he actually had a good 2014. But I don’t remember it at all. I don’t know how many people do. It must have gotten no press at all because I could have sworn he was hurt the past 3 seasons.

Foster will be 30 by the time the regular season starts. With back injuries and coming back from an Achilles it’s hard to have high predictions. I hope he does well because again, I like Foster. It’s hard not to root for the guy (unless you’re a big religious person, Foster is an athiest and gets untold amounts of hate for it by internet assholes who didn’t really pick up on the whole “golden rule” thing). He was a UDFA success story and I think most people probably remember the first time we heard of him: when he came in for Steve Slaton and beat the ever living shit out of the Colts for 231 yards and 3 TDs. I still remember watching the highlights as the announcers said “who is this guy?” at the same time the rest of us did. He’s pretty much been a household name ever since. I love UDFA sucess stories.

I hope even if he does fizzle out he stays active on twitter because he’s one of the few good athlete follows. Instead of just having a PR firm twitter he actually uses the platform right and does things like troll cat owners. Never stop, Arian. I love you.

Edit: I googled “Dolphins GM” for a quick check to get the name right before making the comic and the first result google gave me was Dennis Hickey for some reason. I didn’t notice the smaller font that said “Former” underneath it because I was just looking for a name, so that’s why it’s not Chris Grier in the comic. My Bad.