I never thought I’d miss Jerry Reese this much. I was okay with parting with him back when we did, and I was actually happy about hiring David Gettleman. Jerry had his issues and he was terrible at giving us depth. But he made a lot of good moves that have been forgotten about. We won the 2011 super bowl in large part due to his drafting and his free agency. We were a bit skeptical of the OBJ pick when it happened but that was incredible in hindsight. His spending spree for Jenkins, Snacks, Vernon, etc also initially paid off and helped us reach the playoffs. Jerry wasn’t the best, but he was better than this.


Every move David Gettleman makes causes him to look even dumber. This was me yesterday:

-He drafted a stud running back despite being in dire need of a future QB. We stuck him on a bad offensive line.
-He let both our pass rushers go. JPP’s time was probably up, but Vernon was still productive in the run game. His health was an issue and he didn’t get as many sacks as I would have wanted, plus the contract, but we got a good return for him in a quality OL.
-He let Snacks go because…we drafted BJ Hill and Dalvin Tomlinson and both we doing okay? If we were okay with those two, why did we spend our first rounder from the OBJ trade on another DT, especially when we have no pass rushers? Now we have a stout middle and nothing on the edges, instead of a slightly less stout middle and something on the edges.
-He let our stud safety walk, then replaced him with a younger, cheaper, worse safety overall.
-He drafted Saquon instead of a future QB with the idea that this team was still close to competitive, meaning he didn’t actually see all the problems with the roster. Just stick a stud next to Eli and it’ll work out. It didn’t. When it became clear that wasn’t going to happen roughly a quarter into the season, he began to blow everything up. Ship off the DE. Ship off the star WR. But he….kept Eli? And then spent a top 10 pick on Daniel Jones? FUCK. We could have had Haskins or Josh Allen and I don’t think anyone would have been too unhappy about that. If Haskins and Jones were gone by 17, we could have probably traded for Josh Rosen with the 17th pick since the Cardinals are also absolute morons. Instead we got a huge reach and a nose tackle we didn’t need.
-He traded up into the first round again and made a pretty good pick I guess.

When we stuck with Eli I was willing to forgive him. When we drafted Saquon I thought the criticism was a bit unfair because while it was a poor pick for positional value, he was clearly a star and there is no guarantee Darnold etc work out. The Vernon trade made me happy. When we traded OBJ after paying the man I lost faith that Gettleman was smart, but if his plan was to destroy everything and rebuild up at least I could see what his vision for that was. Now I have a clearer picture of what his vision is, and I kinda just don’t want to watch football next year. He’s destroying the team and I may as well just tune out till he gets inevitably fired as we spend years in a hole.

I feel bad for Pat Shurmur. I actually liked that hire and I think he did good stuff with the team last year. But he’s stuck coaching a dumpster now and his career may never recover after he inevitably takes a lot of blame.

Fuck David Gettleman