New York/New Jersey Football might be at an all time low point this season. They’ve been bad at the same time for a while now, but this year seems to mark a new level of utter filth. It isn’t even the same brand of utter filth. One team is a diseased dead rat in the gutter, slowly decomposing and sloshing down the road with each heavy rain. The other is a dumpster full of rotten food that has rotted out a hole in the bottom leaking a slurry into the alley. I’ll let you decide which metaphor fits which team.

The Jets are, in my humble opinion, probably the worst team in the league. They are a special kind of awful so rarely seen because normally once teams hit this level, people get fired and things change. The Jets have no talent on the roster. What talent they do have is hurt. Worst of all, they are run by an utterly incompetent tyrant. I’ve only watched 2 Jets games this season, plus some scatterings of the other games, so I’m certainly open to hearing what Jets fans want to add, but this feels like a team of people who have just completely given up and do not care.

Sam Darnold’s career might be forever damaged. He’s trash. He’s also throwing to wet paper towels in acid rain. He has no run support, especially now that their perpetually disregarded, misused, and shamed yet talented RB has been cut. Bell marks the most recent victim in a long line of Adam Gase running talent out of town. Robbie Anderson is killing it in Carolina. Jamal Adams fits in perfectly in Seattle. I only hope Frank Gore plays somewhere else to finish his career, it doesn’t deserve to die here. Mekhi Becton took himself out of a game he shouldn’t have even played to begin with. Darnold might be salvageable but it will take a miracle coach or an extended period of time with him on another team. If the Jets do get the #1 pick, Darnold is likely out in exchange for Football Thor.

I don’t think even the most deluded and optimistic Jets fan is hoping for anything except Gase being fired at this point. Gase is the worst coach in the league. He’s an example of “situational friendship Nepotism”, a clunky term I just invented to describe the situation that occurs when a coach or player gets promoted not necessarily on their own merits, but thanks to being close to a genuinely talented person’s achievements. Gase was the OC for Peyton Manning’s record breaking offense. He has weaseled two major HC jobs out of one great season that was actually just Peyton Manning playing his best football. The Jets hiring him was a bad decision at the time and we couldn’t imagine how bad it would actually get.

However grim the Jets are, they do have a light at the end of the tunnel. Gase’s firing is only a matter of time, and they are possibly set up to start fresh with the upcoming draft. This is a team built to get Trevor Lawrence with little competition. The Giants are in a more complicated spot.

Giants fans, even during these recent dark times, have typically been able to turn towards the Jets and go “well, at least we aren’t the Jets”. This is still arguably true this year. The Giants are a better team than the Jets. But that might be a curse and not a blessing.

After 5 weeks the Giants make some sense to me. They look like a team with a new coach that didn’t have a traditional chance to get the team organized. This is a team lacking in a lot of talent, but there exists talent in that roster that can work. The Defense is undoubtedly the bright spot. James Bradberry is playing at an almost all-pro level. The defense has kept the team in every game this season up to a certain point where they are just on the field too much and break. They held the Steelers to an reachable lead until late. They kept the Bears from exploding out after a quick start and gave the team a chance to win at the end. They held the SF injury squad down for a time, but the offense was so bad that the time of possession difference wore them down. They mostly contained the Rams. They played poorly against Dallas, but also got a pick 6. The defense is honestly alright, and if the offense was anything but putrid garbage, they’d be a solid middling-mediocre team right now.

But that offense. My god.

Daniel Jones has severely regressed. He is taking too long to process the field. He’s making terrible throws and horrible decisions. He still gives the ball up at an unprecedented rate. He has zero pocket presence. But he’s not getting any help, either. The offensive line is, again, straight garbage. Thomas has looked overmatched and unprepared as a rookie. Nobody else is helping. None of the replacement running backs are good. Freeman is kinda washed up, Gallman has a ceiling of about 2 feet high though he tries his best. Dion Lewis? Who’s that? Thing is, I doubt they’d be much better with a healthy Barkley. Before he went down, I was getting a bit tired of Barkley’s desire to always hit a home run. Yeah, he wasn’t getting the run blocking he needs, but a lot of his failures were his own fault, trying to get too cute and hit the home run ball when he could just take the chunk yards and set up easier 3rd downs. The dude is spectacular, but he was kind of frustrating too.

Engram is a bust. He can’t block and he isn’t taking a step forward as a receiver. I figured even in Jason Garrett’s offense he’d take a step up, Garrett loved his tight ends. Engram is Jerry Reese’s last mistake remaining on the team. Let him walk. Golden Tate is washed up this year. Shep can’t stay healthy. Darius Slayton is probably my favorite Giant on the team right now, and the only one doing anything. Mad respect to that guy.

Jason Garrett has been an absolute bust at OC. Any rationalized optimism we had is gone by now. He’s bad. Judge? Judge still feels mostly like a non-entity. I won’t judge him on his cranky soundbites, the NY media is cruel and relentless and his history as a Belichick lackey has already doomed him in most people’s eyes. I can’t say I dislike his job so far but…I can’t really say anything. But I do look over at Matt Rhule taking over a team in a similar position with similar problems and watching how great they are rising to the occasion and then look at Judge and go “hmmmm.”

But unlike the Jets, who will soon clean house and start fresh, the Giants are a little more fucked. They just started their rebuild this season, and this season is weird. By the end of the year, if this team hasn’t pulled itself together in some way and is again picking top 5, they will find themselves in a sunk cost fallacy situation. Do you fire Judge, who hasn’t had a true legitimate season to execute his vision, after this one weird year? Do you keep Judge, but fire Garrett, a bust at OC but someone with a lot of experience who also seems like a great guy who could really help keep things normalized? Do you fire Gettleman, who after 3 years has built fucking nothing and should be fired? Gettleman has to go, but do you keep Judge if you fire Gettleman? Do you hire a new GM and let Judge’s fate be decided that way? My preference is that last one. Fire Gettleman, let the new HC decide whether Judge is worth it. My fear is the Giants will pull a few wins out of their asses late and Mara decides to sit on it for one more wasted season of the same staff and team that can’t muster anything.

What a pile of shit these two teams are.