I just want this shit over. End me. I’ll take nothing off-season over this crap. Just a few days, fellas.

COMIC UPDATE: This is gonna be a shit week for me, and for those people who eagerly await my draft cards every year, they will likely not be live this time. I am going to the east coast for a thing and there will not be a Friday comic (I might do a checkdown if the time presents itself). I do want to do the yearly draft cards, but I’ll have to complete them during the dull season so they will not be tweeted live. I am sad, but tis life.

EDIT: So full disclosure, me and my wife are currently deep in the process of trying to buy our first house and this past week has been an absolute stress nightmare and I can’t even think about football atm. I wouldn’t expect anything from me till after the draft. The timing is terrible, I know, but we’ll have several months of nothing to hopefully make up the lost time