We had the early prospect rankings. We had the combine. We had the mock drafts. We had more mock drafts. We had even more mock drafts. We had another fucking round of mock drafts. Then, we had the draft. Finally, we had the post-draft grades and analysis. Now here we stand at the end of it all, entering the post-draft dry season, and it is good to be free. All those weirdos who spend 3 months overthinking the future prospects of a bunch of kids who just want to ball are back in their holes where we don’t have to give them any attention until like, maybe November if we follow a bad team that is likely drafting high. Good riddance.

I eagerly await the training camp season, when every team looks great and all the draft picks look to make an immediate impact and life is full of optimism. Until then, go outside. Have fun. Watch basketball or hockey. It’s not the offseason. It’s the season to be free.