Friendly reminder that we have entered the bullshit report phase of the year and that we should trust nothing that comes out about any team’s relationship or thoughts to any prospect.

Every year, especially years with several strong QB prospects, fall victim to this nonsense. Prospect grading and profiles are one thing. Any report from a draft scout who gives their thoughts on Caleb or Maye or whoever is probably not lying about their analysis. Well, probably. They may be playing the attention game and going for clicks but generally I think that tends to happen closer to the draft when everyone is bored and has run out of stuff to say. This is NFL combine time, and right now tends to be a time of genuine reaction and evaluation.So if you see a guy saying Caleb is a flawed prospect with bad footwork or whatever they are probably being honest even if you disagree. The barrier to being an amateur draft scout is remarkably low and since everyone gets most things pretty wrong even at the professional level who cares. The worst pushback you’ll get is some trolls who always mention your misses in your comments. Small price to pay if you enjoy scouting.

But reports about what “teams” are feeling about a guy, or anonymous reports of players flaws or whatnot, I wouldn’t trust a single damn one of them. The discourse around Caleb has already been insufferable. Some of these reports are probably true, but this is the chess game of the draft that happens every year. Reporters become mouthpieces for team executives trying to hide intentions. We watch corporate politics and sabotage in real time, mostly by people who don’t really change much in the end. Caleb is going #1 overall, and every report that talks about his problems can easily be seen as potential attempts by other teams to get his draft stock to fall. I honestly don’t know if any of this shit works. I’m sure some of it does. So many people seemed to buy into the reports of San Francisco trading up to #3 several years ago for Mac Jones and that ended up being for Trey Lance (man, they probably should have actually taken Mac Jones).

Every draft I remember with a very obvious “generational” QB prospect in it has had bullshit reports of the second-overall guy actually being the pick for as long as the process went along. Andrew Luck was never going to be picked second to Robert Griffin, but YOU NEVER KNOW and MAYBE THE COLTS ARE LOOKING AT HIM. Trevor Lawrence might not be as good as Justin Fields and then later maybe Zach Wilson could be the top guy after all! Nope, it was never anyone but Trevor and you’d be an idiot to buy any of those reports. Drake Maye is not going 1st. If I were a betting man I’d stake a significant amount of money on Caleb going #1 overall. The real question will be who holds that pick on draft night. The Commanders are being rumored to want that #1 pick for Kingsbury very badly and that is a report I buy (because duh, why wouldn’t they want him?). If they can lower his draft stock to some degree, it makes the deal cheaper for them.

Happy draft season friends. If you are a scout and enjoy that sort of thing, I wish you a happy time. If you aren’t into that, I suggest you go outside and come back with a week to go to see where things have ended up. As for me, I have somehow dug myself a hole where I have to pay attention to all of this stuff I don’t even like for two months because I’m dedicated to making all of you giggle a few times a week, so you better appreciate me.

Happy first appearance in the Draw Play for Caleb Williams! Happy like 500th time I’ve done a comic with a guy at a podium!