So what’s Bill gonna do now?

Is he going to be an analyst on a TV network? I can’t see that going well because Bill Belichick sounds like gravel slowly rolling downhill even when he’s excited about whatever subject he’s discussing. He only has two tones: Yelling angrily, and sleepily mumbling like a man reading off data spreadsheets after being injected with horse tranquilizer. I’ve seen the man happy and laughing and he still sounds like grandpa quietly muttering to himself about how his neighbor put something he doesn’t like on his front lawn. He does have a charisma of sorts, but it isn’t TV show charisma. It’s anti-charisma charisma. Watch his Letterman interview. He barely even talks. The interview is incredible because of how clear it is Belichick does not want to be there. You can’t really make a TV show around that. My favorite Subway commercial is the one where they made him simply stand there. Whoever made that ad knew what they were working with. It’s not that Bill wouldn’t be an invaluable voice on an analyst show and frankly I would learn so much if he had one, he just isn’t built for TV in that way. Maybe if they give him a personalized segment or something where they could use his knowledge and demeanor for comic effect. Bills Grumble Corner.

Now that I think about it, Bill would be a phenomenal Manningcast guest and the chances he shows up to one next year while he’s got free time is high.

But I don’t see him as a TV guy. He’s a nerd, so his segments would be for football heads and not casuals, but most TV coverage is intended for casuals. If he does end up on TV, I will watch him.

The real question is where does he land next year. There is the potential result of him simply never coaching again, but I don’t think we can just write him off. He is old and he is going to demand a lot of control over the team but there is still a pretty good chance a team will take that gamble next year. A stupid team, most likely. One desperate to make a splashy choice, likely after being burned by a bad choice with a young hotshot. So the obvious options are the teams with coaches on the hot seat entering 2024.

Giants – Daboll’s second year was a disaster. Whatever leash the COTY award bought him is used up, and this season has to be an improvement otherwise he’s gone. I’ve heard rumors Belichick doesn’t think too highly of the current Giants ownership group (He was on the team during the Wellington years, and Wellington is highly regarded, Failson John is not). But this is very obviously one of the most clear landing spots. He has a history with the Giants, Mara would be the kind of dope to shell out the big bucks to land the legacy hire because he’s obsessed with the prestige image of the team. If this job is open next season, it’s Bill’s if he wants it. I just don’t know if he wants it. Not sure I’d want it either.

Jets – If Rodgers doesn’t come back healthy and immediately take this team to the playoffs Saleh is probably fired before the season even ends. But Belichick has spent his career telling the New York Jets how much he hates them, so I don’t think he turncoats. I can see Woody Johnson trying to get him though and Belichick mailing him another napkin saying no.

Jaguars – After the late-season collapse last year Doug’s seat is probably at least a little warm. To be clear, it should not be, Doug is a good coach, but that collapse will put any coach on notice and the mishandling of Trevor’s injury was ugly. Would Bill want to chill out in sunny Jacksonville with a franchise QB in place? I…could see it. But the chances this job is open feels low.

Bears – Now here’s an intriguing thought. The Bears draft Caleb and do whatever with Fields but the team still struggles a lot and Eberflus bites the dust. Would Chicago be a decent spot to go? They would presumably have the QB position locked in and plenty of room for GM Bill to maneuver. Yeah, I can see this. Bears ownership is cheap but if they fire Ryan Poles and only have to pay Billy for both coach and GM jobs this could work.

Saints – The Saints firing Dennis Allen seems all but certain unless fucking magic happens. But this would be a rotten spot to go because the team is a mess of bad contracts and lack of talent, especially at QB. The division is soft though, maybe a good spot to farm wins.

Cowboys – McCarthy has to be at the end of his rope. The playoff embarrassment can only happen so many times. Bill has a relationship with Jerry Jones, who would absolutely hire him. To be honest I think this is probably the highest probability of all, if McCarthy does indeed bite it. It would be a great spot to go, too. Weaker division, good QB and excellent defense pieces already in place, this could work out very well for Bill and I would hate this with every fiber of my being. The one sore spot I see would be giving Bill roster control, Jerry and Stephen Jones would be reluctant to give up their own power.

Eagles – Sirianni got exposed as a big fat dope last year and that big fat dope could be a big homeless dope pretty soon if the team does not improve back to competitor levels. But Howie would never give up roster control so I doubt Bill goes here if the job is free.

Broncos – I suppose this is a plausible opening but I don’t see it happening. Walmart boy paid an assload for Payton so I think he gets at least 3 seasons. They gotta get past the Russ mistake.

Naval Academy – Don’t rule it out, okay. He might.