Welcome back my friend to a new season of Injured Reserve. What should we expect this year? The season premier started strong with the introduction of what is sure to be a favorite character this year, Ryan Tannehill. He comes in with major demons, sure get great laughs, after all, he has to sit and drink away the fact that he’s been replaced with Jay Cutler! Hilarious.

RG3, an Injured Reserve fan favorite, has been given a full time job running the bar he’s so close to, despite not technically being hurt. Will he find a job and have to close the bar? We’ve got interesting storyline possibilities sitting right here.

Many fans are eagerly anticipating the return of the Chargers Booth, everyone’s favorite rag tag group of starters lost for the season. We know they will appear, but who will be in the group this season? Speculation is running rampant.

Who will be the next big surprises of the year?What amazing guest stars will we have show up for a few weeks with non-season ending injuries? Surely Big Ben will stop by for a week or two, maybe at the same time as Gronk! It’ll be the meathead arc. Adrian Peterson will likely join the show again, once contract negotiations go smoothly and his knee turns into a red paste week 5. Jordan Matthews has a cracked sternum now, maybe he ends up at the bar! Sammy Watkins likes to get hurt, maybe we’ll get a sight of a new ram? Andrew Luck has been flirting with IR for some time now, lets get him on the show, I bet he’s a lightweight who is a fun drunk.

Fan theory speculation is running rampant. Lets hear your theories! Who do you think ends up at the bar this year? Who’s ACL gives way? Who dies horribly and reminds us of the horrid brutal nature of football? Who gets drunk and does bar karaoke?