I, for one, am happy to see the Packers go down in flames like the frauds they were.

Like, they weren’t full frauds, but out of every team in the championship round, they were the ones that felt like they belonged the least. Even the Titans felt like they had earned their spot more than the Packers did. Looking at this Packers team it felt bizarre to think they won this many games. The only true notable win they had was against the Chiefs, who at the time were starting Matt Moore. The only actual good team they beat was the Vikings, twice. The Vikings being the 6th seed felt right for that team.

They got lucky and faced the Seahawks in the divisional round, another fraud team dealing with some injuries. If the Packers had gone up against the Saints I think we’d have seen the Saints obliterate them, but the Saints ran into their current playoff kryptonite first.

I think to some extent a lot of Packers fans seemed to know they were frauds. But there were plenty of optimistic believers who thought that no actually the Packers were good and the complete trouncing the 49ers gave them in November didn’t count and wouldn’t happen again. I guess it didn’t, since the 49ers eased up by the second half. San Francisco decided to play with their food a little bit and give them a wee bit of hope. I don’t really have much love for the 49ers and I’m on that Chiefs train but I have greatly enjoyed watching them continuously beat the Packers in important games since the Harbaugh era. Smug Packers fans always need a good spanking. In the punishment way, of course.

LIFE EDIT: Something has gone wrong with the computer and this one is final. Whatever has gone wrong isn’t something I can just upgrade or swap out this time, I think it’s the CPU and motherboard and considering they are 8+ years old, they did remarkably well. It is time for a new computer anyway. I’ve already ordered my new machine but it might cause some delays/voiding of the Wed comic. Shouldn’t be an issue, but in case things get weird during this week that’s why.