Odell Beckham? Paid. Lots of money. Totally deserves it. I’m still laughing at how un-dramatic it was. One rumor started by one butthead in summer about Beckham being traded and for one week it was all we could talk about. But Beckers didn’t even hold out or threaten to. He showed up to voluntary camp and was a model teammate. So much for being a locker room cancer diva!

Aaron Donald? Paid. Lots of money. Totally deserves it. Probably the best defender in the NFL. I look forward to seeing this Rams team all year. He held out, but he got what he deserved.

Aaron Rodgers? Paid. The first repeat payment in the money saga. Totally deserves it, probably the best QB currently playing. I’m happy for him. I also wonder if his family ever sees any of that money. Some players buy their parents a house. Rodgers might have bought a house just to evict his family.

Khalil Mack? Paid. Totally deserves it. The Raiders now have their best player locked up and….oh shit

Jon Gruden is gonna tank the Raiders and it is going to own. Any goodwill over the past years that he built up is going to run into the ground. I haven’t seen anyone happy about this trade (outside Bears fans). Nobody thinks the Raiders made a good choice. Some tried to find the sense in having one player (not a QB) take up so much cap room, but that’s about the only argument the Raiders have. The Bears didn’t give up that much to me. Khalil Mack is essentially the ideal first round pick. He’s what you want out of a first round pick. In my eyes the Bears gave up 1 first round pick and got a guaranteed replacement for the other.  That’s not bad. No guarantee those firsts would have been anyone of Mack’s caliber. They could have ended up with another 2 Kevin Whites.

So many money comics. I dread the day Joe Flacco is cut. He was the start of it all, the heart of this series. Once he’s done and working on backup money….it will be a sad day.