I’m not sure the Browns could have had a more Browns thing happen than ending a losing streak with a tie game. Hue Jackson is playing 4d chess.

The Steelers continue the well honored tradition of playing like ass against a bad opponent during an away game, but that still doesn’t explain this. For most of this game (especially the second half) I actually think the Browns were the better team. It was an ugly game, full of terrible penalties (One which may have directly given the Steelers 7 points). The Browns stole the ball like 6 times. Everything was setting itself up for this to be it. The Steelers shanked the game winner. The final turnover looked like the miracle the team finally needed to break this horrible slump. The Browns got the ball, reached the 10 yard line, only to have it called back thanks to a block in the back. The resulting kick was too far away and Mini-Watt blocked it anyway. How dare we have hope.

So the Browns still haven’t won a game since week 16 of the 2016 season. They also haven’t won a season opener since 2004. But…they also haven’t yet lost this year. In spite of everything, the tie guarantees that the Browns are mathematically incapable of losing more games than 2017. The Browns technically did not lose. Technically is the best kind of not losing!

They looked like a better team for sure. The defense stepped up big time against an explosive offense, even if play was hampered by some of the worst weather you could see. Tyrod made some plays. Josh Gordon made some plays. Denzel Ward, the already weirdly forgotten 4th overall pick, made some very nice plays. Myles Garrett made some hecka good plays and that roughing call was some crap. This didn’t look quite like the same ol’ Browns. Of course, they still didn’t win the stupid game.

Also, quick aside, the NFL wants to fix all these bad rules but they still can’t fix overtime? The fix is so simple: Each team gets one possession, then it’s sudden death. Elegant and easy. Stop it with this extra nonsense that needs to be explained with a big graphic every time overtime happens.

Let’s build on this, Browns! Let’s win a damn game! Also with Tyrod starting, I officially added him to the hydra. One more and we hit an even 30, and I suspect we shall see Baker sooner rather than later.


Can you name them all?