There’s something kind of amazing about the Steelers/Le’Veon Bell contract fight that I don’t think enough people have noticed. This is exactly what Le’Veon Bell does. He waits and only moves when the time is right, frustrating everyone (opponents and Steelers fans) in the process. He’s basically doing exactly that with his contract negotiations.

Le’Veon has gained a lot of praise for his unique style of actually waiting for blocks and opponents to make moves rather than plunging headfirst. He likes to hold back until he sees the opponent tip their hand, and then strike. The Steelers have just tipped their hand. Now Le’Veon is making his move. He’s holding out till he gets the deal he wants. With free agency looming next season, there’s a pretty good chance he makes more money than the Steelers offered him. Provided he doesn’t get hurt or beat up a woman of course.

Whether he’s worth what he’s asking is a tough question. Star RBs have come back into style recently (Gurley, Zeke, Fournette, Kamara, presumably Barkley) but they are still extremely undervalued and underpaid due to not lasting long and the relative ease of plugging in any halfway decent guy. Bell is one of the best in the game but very few RBs ever get big second contracts now because it’s just easier to have a good RB on a rookie contract for 5 years and ride him into the ground.

The Steelers offered Bell something around 13 Million per year and like 70m total, which honestly is a pretty good offer relative to the position. I don’t blame Bell for wanting to get more and be considered an “elite offensive weapon” instead of a RB. And he’s been incredible for the Steelers when he’s healthy. That’s one thing I often see overlooked: Bell doesn’t have the healthiest track record. He’s played one full season and one almost full season. With how quickly RBs seem to break down, that’s a risk. He’s betting on himself. Worked for Kirk Cousins! Didn’t work for a number of other players.

I guess we just have to wait to see what he does next, like every run play he’s a part of.

There will not be a comic on Saturday, I’m going on Vacay this weekend, gotta get that sweet free time in before the season starts up.