Jeez the Nike designers are really going at it this month, and we still have the Chargers to go! Apparently the Patriots will also be making a slight tweak to end the Brady era, but from everything I’ve seen it probably won’t be a big enough change to warrant the bros.

The Browns tried to leave the stench of history behind them and move forward and they gave us mediocrity. I honestly didn’t hate the Browns “new” unis last time. I didn’t like the drop shadow, I hated the BROWNS on the pants, I was meh on the CLEVELAND above the numbers (This feels like a college thing and just shouldn’t be in the NFL imo). But I liked the colors overall, I thought it was pretty okay. The problem was less the new look and more that they decided to change one of the best classic uniforms in the league. The Browns did not need an update. I guess after their attempt to rebrand a new era ended up with Hue Jackson giving them a new low they realized the problem wasn’t the uniforms.

I’m glad the Browns classics are back in the same way I’m happy the Bucs are back. They are just better looking uniforms, but there is a hint of sadness as it feels like shunning them for trying something new. A fair amount of the Browns former look was fine. I think a lot of Browns fans are actually sad they didn’t keep the orange pants (I am too). It doesn’t feel like there’s much to say about this “update”. It even feels like I’ve ran out of basic Photoshop function jokes and now have to strain to not explicitly repeat myself.

I’m going to instead take some time to vote on the teams I would like to see updated the most. To see what Nike could do, weird and all. I’m bored and tired of these teams and I want to see something different.

Cardinals – Still my vote for the most boring uniforms in the league. There just isn’t anything about that that is interesting. No identity, nothing. If I saw one in the wild I usually first thought it was a Falcons jersey. These need a new look, even a bad one, really badly. They need anything to stand out and have personality.
Panthers – The shoulder stripes feel like a relic of the mid-2000’s and with black and light blue as primary colors, I think you could get away with a lot of cool stuff. Black with bright color highlights almost always looks stellar and I wouldn’t mind seeing an update. It would also seem fitting to move the Panthers into a new era with their new ownership and current rebuild from the Cam era.
Patriots – Honestly the Patriots really should go a little further with their update. The current uniforms are the Brady uniforms, and they are dull by now, with some design ideas best left with them.
Texans – I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but the Texans uniforms bore me. I much prefer the red alternate jerseys and wish they’d become the primary ones.
Cowboys – I used to call them classic but I think it’s only because a lot of people think they are due to them being a legacy franchise with a lot of history, but if I sit down and be honest with myself, I don’t love them. I don’t like the black number and stripe outlines. I don’t like that the pants are a weird blue that doesn’t show up anywhere else on the uniform or even in the branding. But, above all other reasons, I think my main beef is that I think these alternate uniforms might be my favorite uniform in the entire league. If you asked me right now I think I would consider that alternate my absolute favorite uniform in the entire league. It feels like the perfect blend of modern sensibilities mixed with classic elements. I love it, and I wish they’d just use these instead.