To the guy who kept demanding I make XFL comics for a while there: how’s this for ya?

I feel bad for the players, who deserved a chance to make their football dreams possible. I feel bad for all the employees and staff members who believed in the league. I feel bad for everyone who tried to make this work. They deserved a fair chance to make this work and I don’t think they got one. That said, it is fucking hilarious that 20 years after the initial season failed so miserably Vince McMahon tried to bring his pet project back to life and got RKO’d out of nowhere by a goddamn unprecedented global pandemic. It’s like Vince is the aliens from War of the Worlds. He thinks the time was ripe to conquer, and the smallest organisms you forget even exist took him out.

The XFL fired everyone a short time ago and then filed for bankruptcy this week. Considering that money was probably the one thing the XFL seemed to have an advantage over the AAF in, that’s a pretty bad sign for the survival of the league’s future. The league is currently suspended, which makes me thing the final nail in the coffin won’t be long. The AAF lasted 8 weeks of play before it ate itself. The XFL? Just 5. Yeah, we can blame COVID, but I barely saw anyone talking about it even as the league was still on. I guess only time will tell if Vince wants to pursue more football action once this nightmare finally ends. I think he will. Lord knows he’s more than happy to force his contract employees to keep wrestling even in the age of mandatory social distancing.

Farewell, XFL. I watched a couple games of you. You were passable nonsense.