Back in march, before I even technically launched this site, I made this comic:

Tebow Vs. Sanchez

Simple. Sanchez and Tebow are bad QBs, and I was looking forward to seeing them flounder because I have no love for the Jets and thought it would be funny. But the Jets outdid my expectations. They so exceeded my expectations, that they actually managed to make me feel bad for Tim Tebow. They blatantly misled the guy. The owner wanted him for the publicity, the coaches didn’t want him and outright shunned him horribly, even as Sanchez ran into another man’s butt and dropped the ball.  They finally decide to bench Sanchez, and pass Tebow over for the third stringer. When he gets hurt, they put Sanchez back in, passing over Tebow again. That’s cold. That’s really cold. I don’t even like Tebow and I feel bad for the guy. What a mess. Fireman Ed quit on them. I have no real feelings for the Jets, but I do respect their passionate fans, and they deserved better than this.

But still, Buttfumble was hilarious and will never not be hilarious.