Well then, that was interesting.

So finally, the two guys who enjoy pee pee and doo doo are no longer on my most hated rival team. Both were big reasons why I hated the Eagles as much as I did. Does that mean I hate the Eagles less now? I guess it does. Do I still hate them? Of course. But now they might be more even with the Cowboys. Now that DJax is a Redskin I already find myself hating him less, even though he’ll still get a chance to make me sad twice a year.

This whole DJax thing is really weird. I hope more information about it comes out, because it really doesn’t make sense to me. I think ultimately it comes down to him not necessarily fitting with what Chip wants to build, and since he’s a diva they decided to just move on from him instead of deal with him. DeSean was more productive last season when Vick was at the helm, once Foles came in Riley “The Racist” Cooper became the go-to guy. DeSean was always the speedy deep threat guy who didn’t get a lot of catches or targets but was a big deal because he could stretch the field and take defenders with him. His best skills were still on low percentage plays, even if he was good at those low percentage plays. I think Chip wants a more efficient offense, and not one that has the #1 WR always doing the same low efficiency play. Foles also doesn’t have Vick’s arm.

But still, these are valid reasons to reduce DeSean’s role, not to flat out cut him. If they had managed a trade it would have made complete sense. But to let other teams snatch up a good player at no cost to them while you get stuck with a 6 million or so dead money cap hit…just doesn’t seem smart by the Eagles. He was a locker room diva, if reports are to be believed. He wanted to be paid like a top 10 WR when he isn’t quite top 10, and he already got a big pay bump recently. The gang thing is bullcrap, I don’t believe any of those stories. It makes for good jokes though. I’d guess a lot of players, especially ones who grew up in poor areas, know gang members. Doesn’t mean they are involved and killing folks Hernandez Style.

It makes for good jokes though. DeSean I still hate you but if you stick it to Philly twice a year I will laugh with you for once.