So I’ll come right out and say it: this might be the best uniform redesign since Nike took over! They look great! I have loved a couple of the new Nike uniforms (Seahawks and Vikings) and been bleh on most of them, but these? These are fresh as hell. I love it. I love the deep solid red. I love the pewter pants with the stripe. I love they way the creamsicle outline is there, used sparingly. I love the shiny helmet and I love the return to classic numbers with the double color outline. It just looks so…wait. That picture…something’s off about it.

Oh. It’s Derrick Brooks. From the early-2000’s.

You’d be forgiven for not realizing that at immediate glance. This is without a doubt one of Nike’s best efforts…but it doesn’t feel like we can actually give Nike credit here, can we? They just straight up stole the previous Bucs jerseys. It’s the same fucking uniform (at least for primary home). If they wear the pewter pants with the away jersey it’s even more blatant. The only thing new here is the color rush pewter alternate and they kept the “big logo” helmet from the last design. Is it better than the last version? Of course it is! Is it new, or exciting, or different, or fresh? No! It’s just the same damn uniform!

As good as the “new” duds look there’s a part of me that can’t help but feel let down. I like it, and I love that they kept the new helmet (I actually love the big logo helmet). I also actually like the full pewter alternate. I don’t really have any complaints about this uniform at all, except the fact that’s it’s not new. It’s a cheat. I was hoping they’d take the ugly ones and refine them into a more classic style but still retain some modern elements outside the helmet. Something akin to the Jaguars “fix” a few seasons back. The Jags new look was a bit too minimalist for me but at least it wasn’t a complete regression to an old style. Not even a regression, just straight up reversion.

So, in short, the Bucs new uniform is great. It looks fantastic. It just isn’t new at all. The only “new” part of this look is the helmet, which is still just the previous helmet carried over. We already had this era of Bucs, I would have appreciated at least some more slight differences instead of a straight reversion to the previous look. The new helmet and pewter alt don’t feel like enough to save it from being a carbon copy of the old look. The alarm clock numbers of the previous jersey was hideous, but at least it felt like an attempt to be new instead of just jerking off to former glory.

I’m guessing this will go over very well with the public though because nostalgia sells, and I fully expect the Browns & Falcons to do something similar when they unveil their new look. Both will probably be improvements (which this is, again, don’t get me wrong), but I hope they can still give us at least something a little different and modern in each.