Before any of you accuse me of being a swiftie I’ll have you know I employed the assistance of one to name more than one song at which point she sent me about 10 sequential screenshots of a Taylor playlist she had for this exact purpose. I don’t know if any of those songs besides Shake it off even fit the theme, I selected them based on the name suiting the joke.

Is it strange that we’ve had two rematch Super Bowls about a decade apart now? It feels strange. The 2007 & 2011 Giants/Patriots and now the 2019 & 2023 49ers/Chiefs Super Bowls. Each 4 years apart featuring the best QB in the league versus a guy who is simultaneously underrated and overrated. Though the 49ers at least started two different versions of that guy. There aren’t many other similarities between the two outside the fact that the rematch ended the same way as the first game but it is still kinda strange. Well, all 4 games also featured a late comeback to win it too, I guess.

That was a strange Super Bowl because it started out so slow and unwatchable and I was worried we had another Rams/Pats on our hands. By the end we had a great game. Probably will go down as the longest Super Bowl in history since it was a whole 5 quarters. It didn’t have the pizazz of many others though. Every game has those few true defining moments, the big play that will go down in our collective memories as the play that defined the game. The last matchup had the bomb to Tyreek, the “Wasp” play. Maybe also the tragic Jimmy G miss of the open 49er in the endzone. This one…what play from this game will go down as the play? The blocked extra point is my preference seeing as how it changed the entire dynamic of the game. The muffed punt? One of the blitzes that stuffed Brock Purdy in the redzone? Those probably should be considering how the Chiefs defense won this game, but I don’t know if that’s how this one will go down.

Where do you personally rank this one? I feel like I should go through every Super Bowl and make a tier list. I’d probably stick this one in B or low A tier. Great game, lacking the final bit of oomph to really send it over the top.