For the past two weeks I’ve had some developing and worsening gastrointestinal issue that has become a source of near constant discomfort. It’s either an ulcer situation or a gallbladder situation, and I have some tests scheduled in the upcoming weeks to figure out exactly what is causing it.

Even though drawing doesn’t hurt much, it’s hard to focus and be motivated when you spend most of the day trying to find positions where you don’t feel miserable. As such, I’m gonna take a break for a bit until I figure out the problem/feel better. You can probably check in periodically or keep an eye on my social media to see when I’ve come back. Take care everybody! Fuck 2020!

8/18 EDIT: I have an endoscopy (camera inserted into my stomach) scheduled for next week, so at the very least don’t expect anything until then, they still aren’t sure what’s wrong though they’ve narrowed it down a bit and I’m still mostly miserable

8/20 EDIT: So this might be going on far longer than any of us hope, my procedure was denied by the insurance so now I don’t know if I’ll be able to sort that out soon. Our healthcare system is a complete fucking joke and anyone who supports it is a grifter or a gigantic moron. I fucking hate this, and I am sorry I haven’t been able to update.