Health Update:
I’m not better. I’m just bored. All signs point to ulcers right now but since insurance denied my endoscopy (for the moment, I can resubmit in a couple weeks if I don’t improve), I don’t know for sure. I’ve lost ten pounds and I’m still fairly uncomfortable, but I’m not doing quite as bad since I’m hella dosed on anti-acid meds. I don’t think I can quite yet return to a normal thrice a week schedule, but I can probably squeeze out one a week minimum. Whatever it is, I’m stuck in this for the long haul and there are only so many times I can replay Bloodborne before I get bored and want to doodle again. So for now, updates are back, but probably won’t have a set schedule and I’ll also probably do a bunch of easy checkdowns.

I felt like chronicling the next stage of Earl Thomas going full Antonio Brown was worth coming back for anyway. My man is going for the Antonio career route. What are you doing, my dude? You get in a contract dispute with Seattle (fair, anyone on the side of labor understood that), then flicked off your own team when you got hurt (again…understandable considering the circumstances but not likely to endear you to the people in power). He caused a ruckus, demanded he be traded to the Cowboys, and ended up on the Ravens instead. A depressing end to the legion of boom era.

Baltimore seemed like a great fit though! Team took the league by storm and ET got to be the man on defense. He was a vocal leader all year long and it seemed like things were gonna work out. Then he opened his mouth a bit too wide in the playoffs and Derrick Henry turned him into his own lead blocker. It’s been a hilarious downward spiral since then. Henry killed Earl Thomas’s reputation.

He continued to run his mouth and then got caught in a bizarre scandal involving his wife threatening him for his sibling adultery. Then he got in a fight and punched his teammate Chuck Clark. The Ravens cut him and lots of stories about how hated he was came out in the interim. As of this writing, he hasn’t been picked up yet. Speculation has naturally flowed about the Cowboys. But we’ve seen this descent before. Even if the Cowboys do pick him up, ET is past his prime and also severely up his own ass now, and it might not be long before he burns that bridge down too. grab the popcorn folks, something tells me this one isn’t over yet.

Also Bloodborne is the best game of this generation and none of you will convince me otherwise.

Here’s the gofundme to help the latest victim of police violence, Jacob Blake. He’s paralyzed now, and could use anything he can get. I’m thankful he’s alive. Here’s another link to the Milwaukee freedom fund to help those protestors unjustly arrested, especially after that 17 year old radicalized child murdered two people.