A few weeks ago when I made the McDiscourse comic I unfortunately forgot one very toxic source of chatter. The Bears. To be fair to me, this was toxic draft chatter. I purposefully limit as much exposure to the draft as I can until the season is completely over and I have no other choice, so I hadn’t been going into draft discussion spaces or Bears fan spaces and did not realize just how bad it has gotten.

Folks, it’s gotten really ugly. We have over two months left and it is maybe the worst I’ve seen a fanbase eat itself alive already, and I’ve witnessed the Daniel Jones infighting and fondly remember the famous “Draft Sewell or Chase” debate that Bengals fans ate each other over.

Obviously, the reason for this nonsense is the position the Bears have found themselves in for this draft. It’s kind of a no-lose but also no-win situation. Thanks to fleecing the Panthers last year the Bears now have the #1 pick and #9 pick. The top pick is presumably one of the biggest QB prospects in the past decade, up there with Trevor Lawrence and Andrew Luck. The Bears sit at one of the most interesting crossroads in franchise, maybe league history.

Trade Fields and draft Caleb or Keep Fields and trade the pick for a huge haul?

To get it right out of the way early my vote is trade Fields and draft Caleb but the situation is more complicated than that and there are a number of factors to consider for both sides, so let us look at the arguments.

-You get the new hotness! The rebuild can start fresh with the hottest prospect in town!
-You get to reset the clock on the QB rookie deal money window
-Whatever haul you get for Fields, presumably a mid-round pick
-You stick Caleb with a coach who might be a dead man walking. Fields was arguably partially ruined by a similar scenario by getting drafted for Matt Nagy only to watch Nagy get fired and trap Fields in the weird hell of Eberflus. If the Bears are bad next year (Always a good possibility) you might reset the development on Williams the same way and the team might waste Caleb’s cheap years floundering about like the Chargers did with Herbert.
-Caleb is, effectively, still an unproven player. Fields at least is known, and took steps forward at the end of last year and now has a new OC to work with who presumably isn’t going to be as stupid

-You will get an absolutely massive haul of picks to use for future drafts.
-You can still end up with a top QB prospect depending on who you trade with. A commanders trade would give you Drake Maye, and a Patriots or slightly lower trade could still land you Jayden Daniels (Or even Maye anyway, depending on how the draft season plays out)
-If you do get another QB prospect, you can still trade Fields for spare parts and essentially own the entire 2025 draft
-Keep consistency. Fields will have a new OC but keep the same head coach for the 3rd year, which is a big deal.

-Draft JJ McCarthy and throw the draft into chaos

At this point, it feels like the pendulum is mostly chilling on the side of Trade Fields, Draft Caleb. Fields fans are mostly fighting a losing battle. He has not lived up to billing at all and mostly I think his fans don’t want to see him go elseware like Atlanta and immediately turn into the guy he was supposed to be all along, and then they ruin Caleb because Chicago is one of the lower circles of QB hell. I think there is probably a better chance they trade Fields AND trade the pick to move down a slot or two for a haul than keep Fields at all. Fields is very likely gone, and part of the now toxic discourse is trying to figure out where to. Fields unfollowed the Bears on Instagram, and, unfortunately, this is genuine news because now using social media follows is a genuine tell of intention and even sometimes a negotiation tactic. I hate everything.

We have over two months to have this debate and I would like to push my brain into a blender