NEW TABLET SECURED! The Draw Play will resume normal style on Thursday. My tablet came early on Monday, but after installing it and playing around for a little bit I didn’t want to make a comic yet, because this is going to take some serious adjusting. Don’t be surprised if the first few comics look a little wonky. For 7 years I sat with a 5×7 Tablet in my lap, a 4 button set up at the top left corner. I was very used to drawing with very small wrist motions (which is technically not how you are supposed to draw, but that was my workspace). My new tablet is huge. I went with an Intuous Pro Large, and for what I’m used to now everything feels so far away. My new tablet’s work area is 12.5 by 8 inches, it’s pretty much the size of my entire old tablet. And the button setup is very different. I keep reaching in the wrong places. It’s going to take some serious adjustment time before this one is an extension of my arm like my old one. This new guy is also way more sensitive, I have waaaaaaaaay more control over my line weight, which is also going to take some mental adjustments, but I’m excited for that. I’m very happy right now.

Thanks for putting up with a week of goofy nonsense and lots of my ugly mug, and for any support you’ve shown here and on my new favorite thing to plugĀ . With a tablet in hand I should be able to start rolling out the little cartoon rewards for anyone who has pledged $5 or more. I’ve actually had a fair amount of fun doing weird different styles, I might play around with it a bit more in the future, especially once we reach the content desert that is June-July when my brain starts to crumble into dust.