So yeah, that’s what I look like, in case you ever wondered how accurate those drawn comics were. The second to last panel is my usual face when the Giants have 2 minutes left to play and are winning. I do indeed only wear an Eli jersey. It’s mostly because I don’t own anything not Giants related.

If you’re from Portland, you might recognize Forest Park, where I literally found an empty spot during the day yesterday and took selfies of myself acting weird (side note, taking selfies with a DSLR is difficult). I even left a confusing message for anyone who happens to wander Firelane 7 this weekend. I’m glad nobody came along because that would have been weird.

“Um what are you doing”
“I’m…taking pictures of myself, for a comic”
*Concerned stare* “Come on Timmy let’s get away from the weird man”

Also I got home, put this together, and photoshopped Matt Forte in and was about to save it out when I remembered Forte is no longer a Bear and it made me sad. Then I put Martellus Bennett in but he is a Pat now and I was even more sad. I realized there is like nobody on the Bears I know anymore besides Cutler and Jeffrey. Kyle Long, I guess. Robbie Gould! I can’t use Robbie Gould because nobody would be scared of Robbie Gould in the woods. Oh, wait, Peanut Tilma…damnit. Lance Briggs? aw man. WAIT, WAIT! That one guy! the CB! Kyle Fuller! YEAH. GOT ONE.

It’s kind of weird how the Bears have sort of vanished. The team that was sometimes good and at least usually relevant for the past decade is now almost unrecognizable. It’s Cutler and Jeffrey, then a bunch of nobodies. I have Bears fans in my family and I’ve always had a soft spot for them but I bearly (Yeah I said it) even acknowledged their existence last season. The only time I even thought about the Bears was when they embarrassed the Packers on Favre night, which owned. I don’t think I’m alone. I think in general the now lack of names on the Bears has left them weirdly ignored for a major market, kind of like what happened to the Vikings for a while. I hope Da Bears come back to prominence. I root for Cutler because Chicago doesn’t appreciate him enough and the league is a better place when the Bears are relevant.

Edit: Thank you to everyone who has supported the Draw Play Patreon as well. I just purchased my new Tablet, and I should have it in my hands by Tuesday, which means we should be back to regular comics by next Thursday